Health, Awareness & Livelihood Initiatives

Our new educational programme is a direct response to the issues raised during our work in Sangli. We collected data from more than 3,500 families, and continue to engage with local residents on a daily basis.

We found that local people were asking for support that went beyond basic housing needs. More than half of the families we spoke to were cooking with biomass fuel, using dirty and unsafe traditional stoves, often in multi-storey buildings, so Shelter is now providing education in safe hygienic cooking and access to clean and efficient smokeless stoves.

With several slum pockets due to be relocated on the same site, we needed to encourage collective maintenance of the new environment. Knowing that children are effective agents of change, we set up a series of environmental workshops for young people, between 10 and 12 years of age, to help foster a sense of community and increase awareness of environmental issues.

The incredibly high percentage of families living below the poverty level has motivated our work in employment generation. This includes our successful saree bag initiative, in which unemployed women from different communities are being trained to earn a living wage.

These are just some of the ways Shelter Associates is using training to provide ground-up support for our work and helping local people to participate in building a more sustainable way of life.