People Building Better Cities

On Friday 20th September 2013 Shelter Associates took part in the Global Studio 'People Building Better Cities' discussion, which was an international travelling exhibition, at Studio X-Mumbai; Studio-X is a global network linked with Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.  Shelter Associates gave a presentation that focussed on their working methodology and played their short film titled Inclusive Planning for the Urban Poor, which covers the 4 main characteristics of inclusive planning.

1. Data and the spatial organization of the collected slum data to ensure the creation of an accurate profile of the city and the settlement - this ensures that designs suit the situation and not the stereotype.

2. A city-wide approach to ensure the efficient use of land, and ensure that all slums including non-designated slums and slums in non-buildable zones (or in flood areas) are included.

3. Community participation to ensure that beneficiaries are invested in the proposal and establish a dialogue - as part of this process Shelter Associates conduct workshops and focus group discussions to support all physical interventions.

4. Monitoring to ensure the timely implementation of the project.

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