Who We Are

Our Vision

An India where the urban poor have access to basic infrastructure and secure tenure leading to a better quality of life. 

Our Mission

To improve the conditions within informal settlements by empowering communities to pursue their right to dignity by: (1) creating intelligent data that can be used for negotiation with the government; (2) assembling into large groups to advocate for improved delivery of essential services like water and sanitation; (3) inclusive and city-wide planning approaches for equitable distribution of resources and security of tenure; and (4) initiating livelihood projects. 

Our Philosophy

To work with all stakeholders, including officers and elected members of the Government and the marginalized communities, to generate an inclusive approach to urban planning.  Planners must recognize that the less privileged should be equal stakeholders, central to the processes that bring about change in their environment.  This is required to ensure that the polices that are framed for their upliftment are effective, timely, tangible, sustainable and scalable.

Our Strategy

To prioritize the preparation and implementation of exemplary pilots, and use our research findings to raise awareness about issues.  These projects are then used as advocacy tools for impacting Government policies aimed at improving the living conditions of the urban poor.  This strategy results in the organization having a larger impact.  Shelter Associates have already witnessed the potential of this strategy through the city-wide slum housing project in Sangli & Miraj, which impacted the Government of India's most recent slum policy - Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) - resulting in the adoption of concepts essential to inclusive planning.

The Team

At Shelter Associates we have an experienced team of architects, planners, GIS analysts, social workers, and community workers dedicated to the vision of the NGO.

The Trustees

Shelter Associates has a highly regarded board of trustees who oversee the running of the NGO.

Past Volunteers

Shelter Associates attracts volunteers from all over the world. Meet some of our past volunteers and find out about their work with Shelter here.